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About Agri Business Management Degree Programme

  The College offers a four year undergraduate degree course. The course includes theory and practicals of   various subjects in Agriculture . The important feature of course contents is that it includes different subjects   in Agriculture Business Management. The course curriculum has 160 credits distributed in eight   semesters.The student’s academic activities involve delivering seminars and educational visits, participating   various sports in intercollegiate as well as inter-university, NSS and cultural activities, etc.

Prospects of Agri Business Management

  India being predominantly an agricultural country, the scope and utility for Agril. Technology is   tremendously increasing. The degree has wide career and employment opportunities. It aims to produce   expertise and skilled manpower in agricultural industries, NGOs, Govt. departments, Universities, Research   Organizations, Banks are some of the existing career prospects at National and International level. The   challenges of food production, processing, rural employment and Hi-tech agricultural operations are released   by agriculture.

Salient features of the College

  1. Highly experienced, qualified and motivated staff
  2. Latest Equipments
  3. State of the art labs for practical work
  4. No place for indiscipline
  5. Advisory System for each student
  6. Peaceful atmosphere for study
  7. Fully residential
  8. Lush green campus
  9. The college has a well developed and maintained college farm at Babhaleshwar.
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