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Popular/Research Articles Published by Staff

  • P. P. Jagtap, U.S. Shingane and K.P. Kulkarni Economics of Production of Chilli in Amravati district, International Journal of Agricultural Economics Vol.2, Issue 2, Sept. 2012 – 240-243.
  • P.P. Jagtap, U.S. Shingane and K.P. Kulkarni Economics of Chilli Production in India, African Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences 4 (5): 161-164, 2012.
  • K.P. Jadhav and G.R. Patel, Resultant Changes Occurred in Farming Community Due to Krishi Vigyan Kendra in South Gujarat, AGROBIOS REASEARCH Vol.1.No.2. pp 205-206, April-June 2012.
  • P. P. Jagtap , S. H. Mhaisdhune, U.S. Shingane price spread of dry chilli (Capsicum annum l.) in Amravati district (Maharashtra) Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing Vol.28,No.1: 89–97,2014.
  • P. P. Jagtap, U S Shingane & K P Kulkarni Resource use efficiency and economics of marketing of green chili Journal of Spices and Aromatic Crops Vol. 23 (1): 32–37 (2014).
  • K.P. Jadhav and A.A. Darandale, Constraints Perceived by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra Beneficiaries in Relation to Adoption of Recommended Technologies, Trends In Biosciences,Vol.7.No.4.,pp601-603,April-2014.
  • Jadhav Kamlesh P. and Darandale, Atul A. Personal Profile of the Beneficiaries of KVKs ,Agriculture Update,Vol.9.Issue 2,Pp155-160,May-2014.
  • Jadhav K.P. and Mhaisdhune S. H. “Bhartiy Kantrati Sheti – Ek Adhawa”, Godwa (Magazine), May, 2013.
  • P. P. Jagtap, “Niryatksham Annadhanya Utpadanasathi Khadya Suraksha Mandhan”, daily Agrowon dated 04/02/2015.
  • P. P. Jagtap and V. S. Sandhan, “Vyavasay Vyavasthapanasathi SWOT Analysis”, Daily Agrowon dated 09/04/2015.
  • P. P. Jagtap and K. P. Jadhav, “GAP ani Ekatmik Kid Vyavasthapan”, Monthly Agril. Magazine Baliraja January-2015.
  • P.K. Makhare, A.K. Babar and K.P Jadhav, “GAP ani Ekatmik Kid Vyavasthapan”Kautumbik shetiche krishi kshetratil yogdan, Krishi Jagran, April 2015
  • K.P. Jadhav, “Consequences of Adoption of Dairy Farming Practices in Tribal Areas of Surat District of Gujarat State”, Trends in Biosciences, November 2015 Vol.8 Issue 13 pp 3469-3471. .
  • P. K. Makhare, “Annautpadanatil darja, niyantarn, kayade ani manake”, Krishi Jagaran, May - 2015.
  • A.K. Babar, K.P Jadhav and P. K. Makhare, “Kami kalawadhit jast utpanna denare pik- Baby corn”,Krishi Jagaran, June -2015.
  • P.K. Makhare, A.K. Babar and K.P Jadhav, “Phulanchya niryatiche vyavasthapan”, Krishi vichar, July 2015.
  • A.K. Babar and P.P. Jagtap, “ leaf colour chartcha vapar karun bhat pikamadhe natra vyavasthapan”, Daily Agrowon, 4/08/2015.
  • P.P. Jagtap, P.K. Makhare, “Krishi Utpadanatil Jokhaminche Kara Vyavasthapn”, Agrowon, 23 oct 2015..
  • P.K. Makhare, “Krushi Vyavsayatil Vitta Vyavsthapan”, Krishi Jagran October 2015.
  • A. K. Babar, P.K. Makhare, “et al, Effect Of Metal Nano Particles of Zinc Oxide and Titaniun Dioxide on Germination and Seedling Vigour of Maize”, Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Vol-6(3), pp 610-612.
  • A. K. Babar, “  ‘Panchagavya’ Sendriya Shetisathi Vardan”, Krishi Jagran December 2015.
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